Florence the Renaissence capital of Europe

The magic of Florence is well documented,  but it can be easy to overlook just how great this city really is. The Renaissance capital is right up there with the most famous places in the world, a city of endless artistic treasures, iconic food places, and enough cultural heritage to fill an entire country. What are the best things to do in Florence?

Tuscan Hill Towns
Visit one of Tuscany’s many hill towns for the day. There are countless possibilities, and you can enjoy the renowned Tuscan sun you’ve been reading about. The majority of tourists visit Sienna during the summer, but San Gimignano provides the best hill town experience. This area is the ideal place to unwind after spending a week in Florence because it is surrounded by mediaeval towers, has cobblestone streets, and is rich with overgrown vines

Medicee Cappelle
One of Florence’s largest and oldest domes, Cappelle Medicee, is a well-kept architectural gem. Built initially as a gallery for the Medici family’s art collection, it was converted into a chapel and currently contains a gallery filled with Michelangelo’s works. Better still? no crowds

Palazzo Vecchio
If you’re pressed for time or desire a bird’s-eye view of Florence, the Palazzo Vecchio in the central piazza is a wonderful place to take a break. The hall of 500 is also a room that is impossible to miss.

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